Axmouth Children’s Theatre (ACT) members were delighted with their new 2019 musical ‘Hairgel 2 – Karma Chameleon’.

The 2019 ACT Musical was performed on March 29, at 7.30pm and on Saturday, March 30, again at 7.30pm.

The show, written and directed by Malcolm Henty, was written 10 years after ‘Hairgel’ featuring all the same characters from the old original.

“A dedicated back stage crew have been overseeing the rehearsals and costume designs and our new lighting and sound equipment was used for the first time.”

We would like to thank the Axmouth Village Hall Committee for letting us perform in their newly refurbished hall with our new technology.

Also a big thanks to WHSmith Local Seaton for the printing or our souvenir programme and Paul from Seaton Gateway for the help and support with our new lighting equipment.

ACT is looking forward to the 2020 musical to be performed in Axmouth Village Hall next year!


Danny D Vee – Caitlin Tooze  

Sandy G – Imogen Oldfield

Mr Bojangles – Euan Hartnell

Mick – Alex McNeice

Slick – Franklin Tuckley

Ms Potts – Lily Coleman

Mel – Violet Tuckley

Roxanne – Elsa Wood

Molly – Niamh O’Reilly

Dolly – Josie Bennett

Miss Trust – Lilley Smitham

Miss Claim – Isabelle Hilton

Miss Fortune – Imani Ford

Andy Mann – Jack Bennett

Rosaile – Lilley Smitham

Eileen – Isabelle Hilton



Writer & Director – Malcolm Henty

Backstage Crew – Beth Wood, Natalie McNeice, Lindsay Smitham, Sam Tooze, Lucy Bennett

Lighting Design – Eoin McNeice

Box Office – Doris Clement

Publicity and Design – Euan Hartnell