La Belle au bois Dormant “SLEEPING BEAUTY”

Axmouth Childrens Theatre performed their new pantomime “Sleeping Beauty” in Axmouth Village Hall to three appreciative sell out audiences, especially enjoyable was the matinee when the hall was filled with Seaton Brownies and Rainbows.

For twelve of the cast this was their first time performing but they did not in any way disappoint. The script was written by Malcolm Henty the director, this saw the wicked Fairy Orrible (Willow Tyson) trick the young Princess Beauty (Eva Crabbe) into pricking her finger with a spinning wheel sending her to sleep for 100yrs before being saved by Prince Ferdinand (Alfie Relf Arnold) with a kiss. But this was pantomime and so along the way we met several unlikely characters such as Postman Pat (Jake Pearce), Little Red Riding Hood (Betsy Chadwick) and the crazy Mr WF Wolfman 111 (Lilien Demesova). The King and Queen (Leo Spencer and Millie Carey) ruled over the palace very ably assisted by the love – struck  Royal Nanny (Poppy Coleman). There was  many highlights they included  when Prince Ferdinand and his sidekick Rumple (Amber Fealey) came to the palace disguised as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, cue “Islands in the Stream” and when the whole cast launched ito the showstopping “We don’t talk about You Know” to the tune of “We don’t talk about Bruno”.

The Fairy Godmother (Megan Dare) kept things moving along aided by head of the Fairies (Emily Dyer) and the rest of the delightfully colourful band. (Pip Steele, Martha Fealey, Lucie Sansom, Hazel Spencer, Betsy Chadwick, Georgia Williams).

The backstage crew led by Stage Manager Beth Wood deserve much credit for their part. Also thanks to parents and brothers/sisters who helped with the stage, scenery etc. Another big thank you goes to Trevor and Simon who starred in the TV shows Going Live and Live and Kicking for sending us their backing track for Donovan’s “I love my Shirt” along with their best wishes.

But ultimately it was the brilliantly talented young cast that shone. The group are now taking a short break before starting on their next production.