Here are the past productions by ACT:

Our Day Out (December 2019)

Hairgel 2: Karma Chameleon (March 2019)

Penny For Your Thoughts (November 2018)

Mia’s Mamma (March 2018)

Kilmainham Kids  (September 2017)

Heroes & Superheroes Variety Show (July 2017)

Cinderella and that Rockerfella  (February 2017)

When Children Rule the World Variety Show (July 2016)

Treasure Islandish (February 2016)

We Built this City (December 2015)

Sleeping Beauty The True Story (February 2015)

Anne of Green Gables (December 2014)

The Man who shot Liberty Valences Son (May 2014)

A Christmas Carol (adapted) (December 2013)

(The other) Alice through the looking glass (November 2013)

Its Cool for Cats (Dick Whittington) (February 2013)

All Hell at Allhallows (November 2012)

Robin Hood and his Merry Women (February 2012)

Hitlers Ear (October 2011)

Hairgel (June 2010)

Snow White (February 2010)

Cinderella (February 2009)

1966 and All That (September 2009)

So this is Christmas (Variety)

The Way of the World (Variety)